Forklift training often doesn’t have the best associations. It can be associated with boredom and the accumulation of theory that should be learned. Meanwhile, we have a way that makes our training a real pleasure! All thanks to virtual reality, which we implement in our workshops on a daily basis. This variety not only allows you to quickly absorb the presented knowledge, but also to have fun at the same time!

Virtual reality training is gaining popularity! People interested in various types of workshops in the field of OHS and fire protection. willingly decide to use the VR technique. This is primarily due to its innovation, but also the ease it gives in the assimilation of information. What’s more, virtual reality is also a promise … of great fun!

Training in operating forklifts has recently become one of the more eagerly selected employees of hypermarkets and large warehouse space courses. Nothing unusual! The increase in the popularity of work in trade, as well as the importance of import and export in the era of constantly opening shopping centers have meant that more and more people are choosing to acquire this type of license. At this point, the Szkol BHP VR company comes in handy.

To meet the needs of young people, we have created a training program using virtual reality technology that allows learning combined with fun. During our trainings we use proprietary applications and special VR goggles that allow us to maximize the experience we experience. Thus, we create a game world that resembles a real image. In this way we give the participants of our trainings a chance to feel real impressions in life situations that we have closed in the game world.

Virtual reality technology is not only fun, but above all a package of opportunities that offers extremely fast assimilation of information. You can talk endlessly about the advantages of VR. However, it is better to find out for yourself. We also encourage everyone interested in our workshop: training in forklift operation.