VR fire protection training is our specialty! We are happy to combine the possibilities of virtual reality with knowledge in the field of fire protection, offering training participants valuable knowledge accompanied by the best fun. One of our last trainings of this type took place on June 3. The atmosphere and commitment of the training participants allowed us to charge our batteries, which gave us even more energy to act. Do you want to learn more about VR fire protection training at our company? See the article for details.


During the trainings conducted by our company, their participants have the opportunity to master knowledge in the field of, among others: evacuation, SSP, ROP, fire confirmation, interpretation of fire groups, location, principles of operation and use of hydrants, operation and use of fire extinguishers, flashover of fire phenomena, and also the effect of carbon monoxide on the human body. And this is only a part of the topics that we raise during our trainings!


We conduct our trainings using various types of VR applications. Issues related to fire protection are learned by VR fire protection training participants with the use of our proprietary application “Escape my office”. By using virtual reality technology, they assume the role of a player who faces a range of different challenges in the field of fire protection. Using this system, we give the customer the opportunity to personalize the app using elements of the office. For the customization we need: views from company windows, building plans, meeting point, as well as alarm data. Their use allows for maximum realism of the conditions during the training, and thus making the game more real. In this way, we adapt our app to the client’s needs as strong as possible.

Are you interested in our offer? Feel free to contact us! We are happy to provide you with all necessary information and answer your questions. We will also gladly visit your company, presenting our offer, as well as giving you the opportunity to test its capabilities. We also organize regular meetings that you can join to learn about the possibilities of VR technology and our trainings, and what’s more, enjoy a tasty breakfast ???? Breakfast dates are available in the calendar on our company’s website.

See you there!