First aid in a modern version? Only with VR OHS training! The last guests of our workshops were the directors of UTD, whom we had the opportunity to present with first aid in unusual conditions. All thanks to VR equipment that we use during our trainings. Do you want to find out why it is worth learning first aid using virtual reality technology? Take a look at our article!


The use of virtual reality in various types of training constitutes a modernization that allows to learn the necessary knowledge faster. Research shows that up to 70% more material is remembered by the participants of trainings that were conducted using VR goggles.
At our company, we believe that good training is not only about getting new information, but also unique fun. We leave the stereotypical boring workshop, which disappears from the memory of our guests in a few moments. Instead, we replace it with a combination of practice and theory, which guarantees that all knowledge will be with the participants of the training for a long time!
Knowledge of first aid elements is an extremely important part of everyone’s life. It is thanks to it that we are able not only to save our lives, but also the lives of people close to us. We know how important it is to be able to deal with these types of situations, which is why we put our whole heart into our work, at all costs, trying to bring the subject of first aid in a manner which is as accessible as possible.


During the training, you will play the role of a player whose task is to complete a dedicated game in virtual reality. With the help of our VR goggles you will try to overcome obstacles that get in your way. In our proprietary VR First Aid app you will find for example models of first aid kits, dressings, as well as other medical equipment in 3D technology. Thanks to cooperating with professionals, we have created a project that will make your experience with the game as real as possible. But you have to find out for yourself.

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