One of our last trainings took place in Tychy. It was there that we had the opportunity to share knowledge about fire protection. Each of us is familiar with the idea of fire training. However, not everyone knows how to diversify it in a creative way to attract the attention of participants! At this moment, the Szkolenia BHP VR company comes to the rescue – we know how to interest the participants of our trainings! The workshops we run are a combination of theory and practice. During their duration we pass on the necessary knowledge, trying to interest our listeners. At work, we focus primarily on practice. This also brings the best results, as evidenced by the satisfied faces of our clients! What is practical fire training with the use of the virtual reality technology? The answer can be found in the article!


During the trainings conducted by our company, their participants have the opportunity to master knowledge in the field of, among others: evacuation, SSP, ROP, fire confirmation, interpretation of fire groups, location, principles of operation and use of hydrants, operation and use of fire extinguishers, flashover of fire phenomena, and also the effect of carbon monoxide on the human body. And these are just some of the issues and terms that we discuss during our workshops!


Our company’s many years of experience show that we acquire knowledge the fastest through fun. Therefore, participants of our trainings have the opportunity to gain new knowledge by playing a role in our proprietary VR app. Issues related to fire protection are learned by the VR fire protection training participants for example by using the game “Escape my office”. Using this system, we give the customer the opportunity to personalize the app using elements of the office. For the customization we need: views from company windows, building plans, meeting point, as well as alarm data. Their use allows for maximum realism of the conditions during the training, and thus making the game more real. In this way, we adapt our app to the client’s needs to the maximum.

We are happy to adapt our offer to your expectations! Contact us to arrange a convenient date for the meeting!