Safety week is a special time for our company. During these days we pay even more attention to education concerning safety and dealing with potentially dangerous situations. This year’s Safety Week, May 13, we appeared in Lodz, where we had the opportunity to present a package of proprietary applications that we use during our trainings. See what awaited us there.


Maintaining safety at work and outside of it is an extremely important aspect of everyone’s life. Often also, unfortunately, wrongly overlooked. Our company’s task is to provide knowledge in the field of health and safety in a way that will allow to easily learn and remember it for a long time.
During the Safety Week, in Łódź, we presented the participants of our training with apps that we use during our events. Each guest had the opportunity to experience the uniqueness of virtual reality and feel its effects. The programs we work on allow, for example, to carry out a virtual evacuation or rescue operation. The player has the opportunity to become a hero, with the future of the game depending on that person’s knowledge in the field of health and safety.
Our apps allow to be customized for each client. Thanks to this, we can easily adapt to new conditions and maximize the experience of players.
In our work, we focus on practice and fun. We believe that the combination of these two factors helps to remember issues raised during training, and also guarantees the participants a pleasant time. It is widely known that learning does not have to be boring – the proof consists in the trainings conducted by our company.

Please contact us to find out more. We will be happy to present the training possibilities of using virtual reality at your company. And although our presence at Safety Week in Łódź is already history, remember that every week of the year should be safe! And each one will be with a bit of proper knowledge that we can provide.

Please contact us, see you at the training!