We recently had the opportunity to visit another city. This time we chose Katowice. That is where our June training took place, during which virtual reality appeared – our favorite way to acquire new knowledge! What awaited the participants of the VR training? Take a look at the article and see what new knowledge we’ve served in Katowice at the beginning of June!


Our virtual reality trainings allow acquiring new knowledge in an unusual and interesting way. By combining practice with theory, we provide training participants with an information package that stays with them for a long time.
Interestingly, training using VR technology allows you to absorb up to 70% more knowledge than is the case with classic workshops. In our company, we meet the needs of our clients and involve not only a team of professionals in training, but also the best equipment, and state-of-the-art modern technology.
We want virtual reality to become a daily reality for training on fire protection, health and safety, and evacuation. That is why we are constantly improving the program so that every training participant can find something for themselves. At this moment, we already offer participants of our trainings several variants of proprietary applications with the option of personalizing them to fit the indicated object. This allows to make the environmental conditions that the players sees in their VR goggles as real as possible, due to the fact that elements of virtual reality are virtually based on, for example, elements of office equipment.
In Katowice, we used virtual reality for training with elements of evacuation techniques. Thanks to the commitment of its participants, the workshops resulted in a unique atmosphere, a large dose of knowledge, but also fun!


VR technology possesses scientifically proven effectiveness in the area of training. At our company, we want to maximize its potential, which is why we carry out workshops that are designed to help our clients increase the security of their employees. Virtual reality plays the role of a modern medium that will revolutionize the training market. But you don’t have to take our word for it. See how it works by joining our workshops!

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