Virtual reality allows complete immersion in the presented world. The image is 360 degrees, meaning that it is visible from all sides like the real world, which allows to present situations that we may not normally experience, e.g. fire, danger to life, etc. and experience them in a completely safe manner, thereby preparing for these types of events in reality.

To use our apps we recommend Oculus Go stand-alone goggles, which cost around PLN 1000.
A few reasons why we decided for this type of goggles:
1. Mobility and launch speed – wherever you train – you can take your goggles with you. YOU DO NOT NEED A PC, sensors, lots of space etc.
2. The possibility of conducting trainings for a large number of people at the same time. We used 20 or more goggles at the same time in our training projects – it works perfectly. You can quickly turn any training room into a VR room!
3. Easy explanation of use for people who come into contact with this type of technology for the first time. We have seen people between 15 and 65 years old who were training with our VR OHS apps and in every age group it was great!
4. The price of the goggles is quite low compared to other goggles, which gives you the opportunity to buy more. And by using financial tools, e.g. leasing of goggles, we risk nothing by purchasing more.
5. Despite the inability to walk, Oculus Go gives a very strong impression of delving into the virtual world, with sufficient quality (image quality could always be better but at this price it is really good).
6. In terms of technical aspects: quick installation, built-in headphones, operation of goggles without a computer, circa 5 hours of continuous operation, fast charging of the goggles via USB provides very easy access to this technology

The process is very simple:
We buy Oculus GO goggles (32GB or 64GB) e.g. at and perform the first launch
We set up an account on our BHP VR platform (VR Platform tab)
We purchase the number of the app’s displays
We download VR OHS apps to our Oculus Go goggles
We log into the app with the data provided when creating an account on our platform
We start to conduct trainings!
We carry out the process from point 4 – 6 for each subsequent goggle we buy. It doesn’t matter how many VR goggles you’ll have.

Licenses for VR apps are priced depending on the number of the app’s displays. Having purchased the displays, we can use all the applications available on our VR platform.
Additional costs may arise when customizing the VR Evacuation app for a given Customer’s building. It is a one-time cost.
For example, we buy 100 displays. We carry out:
training #1: 10 people first aid training – we have 90 displays left
Training #2: 5 people – VR evacuation training – 85 displays left, etc.

Our mission is to increase public safety and VR technology possesses scientifically proven effectiveness in the field of training, which is why we want to use this potential, helping our clients increase the security of their employees.

Our factual partner and co-owner is Artur Kamiński, a fireman, safety specialist and experienced trainer, owner of BHP Życie, who puts emphasis on practical training. Artur coordinates a team of specialists including, among others specialists from CIOP, UDT, PWSZ in Nysa, rescuers, and many others. With each app there are usually circa 6 – 9 substantive specialists.

Our technological partner and co-owner is Adam Stachowski, enthusiast of new technologies, owner of VR Premium virtual reality studio.

Yes. By buying displays for the VR app from us, the customer receives free functional updates as well as new language version, and other. We focus on strong contact with recipients, which is why we listen to suggestions and improve our applications constantly.

We are implementing innovative VR trainings concerning building evacuation, which can be adapted to the client’s facility. We also plan first aid, safety at heights, and desk ergonomics

No, it is a great complementing element and a powerful tool that engages, evokes emotions, and significantly supports the learning process. Our apps are used as training tools in the Kolb cycle as an introduction to training. Another approach is first to present theoretical knowledge and then to check the results in the VR application at the end of a training.

There are many studies on the effectiveness of learning with VR. In one of them it was shown that trainings using VR carry as much as 75% of information retention. For comparison: reading gives an average score of 10%

In addition to measurable benefits in the form of improved safety and greater employee involvement, the introduction of VR means above all the prestige of being in a group of innovation leaders. In addition, VR can be used by other company departments, such as HR (employer branding) or marketing.

The training was tested by hundreds of people of different ages and with various professional profiles. Each participant took off the goggles full of positive emotions. More can be seen here:

Yes, we can create a VR app that takes into consideration the specificity of hazards in a given workplace and contains 360 videos from the company’s space. Feel free to contact us!

We are constantly talking with clients and application users and gather ideas for new apps. We plan various specialized apps dedicated to relevant areas, including production, construction, administration, and others.

Of course, please contact us to arrange a meeting. We always bring VR goggles and apps for testing.
We organize regular meetings in the form of breakfast during which you can come, see the app, meet other specialists, and treat yourself to a delicious breakfast. Breakfast dates can be found in the calendar.

It is very easy, because all interactions are performed intuitively – by sight. In addition, at the beginning of the app we have prepared a short familiarization phase that introduces you to the virtual world.

Yes! Virtual reality excites everyone, regardless of age or interests. Our VR application was used to train young people at schools, new employees, and experienced staff – from specialists, operators, to managers and senior management employees.

Yes, we possess an educational license for schools, fire brigades, foundations, and other organizations that provide free safety education. Please contact us for more information

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