A new way from now – interactive applications in virtual reality!

What support has the trainer had during the trainings so far:

  • the presentation
  • E-Learning
  • videos
  • practical training
  • tutorial
  • instructions
  • tests
  • story

A new way from now – interactive applications in virtual reality:

  • 100% commitment
  • Experience real, dangerous events in a safe, controlled manner
  • Realistic scenarios based on 360 video and interactions – the participant has an impact on what will happen
  • Training through experience improves memory up to 7 times
  • Training results analytics – you know exactly what participants need
  • VR is the right tool for different teaching styles

What is EHS VR?

Using our previous experience gathered during many trainings (over 50,000 people trained) and with the substantive support of various training units (over 40 consultants from universities, training companies), we have created the platform we have been looking for before. Now we want you to have access to this support and achieve spectacular results in your trainings.

We have developed a universal platform in which you will find various VR applications that support you during your trainings. Our solution allows for flexible selection of applications that you need in a given training.

Thanks to the use of optimal Oculus Go headsets, you are able to quickly teach a large group of people to use and conduct training using several dozen headsets at once (One of our clients conducts training for up to 40 people at the same time). It’s simple and intuitive headset for everyone!

PROBLEM: How to involve even more employees during OHS training?

VR gives 100% commitment

We understand the needs of trainers, because we are them. That is why EHS VR allows you to maximally engage employees, evoking emotions, experiences, opinions and willingness to learn about aspects of safety through experience.

How to apply VR training applications? Now you have this power – people finish the application, take off headsets and have a lot of thoughts, feelings and will be willing to share them with others, as well as with you. Do you remember the methodology of teaching adults created in the 1980s? Yes, it’s Kolb’s cycle.

Kolb’s cycle – quick reminder

1. Experience
The main task is to initiate certain situations and propose exercises / tasks, after which participants will be able to draw certain conclusions and “convince themselves” of the effectiveness of certain behaviors.
4. Practice
It consists in linking the formulated theory with future practical action. Planning the application of new knowledge and skills in practice.
2. Reflection
The purpose of this stage is to ask questions and lead a discussion that allows the group to analyze what happened and why it happened, draw conclusions and self-reflection.
3. Theory
The group already has its own conclusions. Now it’s time to confront them with the theory. In this part of the process, the trainer allows the group to learn, recall or name (depending on the level of knowledge) theory.

How does the EHS VR platform work?


Set up an account, download all applications for any number of headsets


During the training you choose which application you want to show


After the training, you can generate a report with the results of the participant or the whole group

VR applications available on the platform


The tasks set before us will be a huge challenge and an interesting experience. In the training you will learn how to deal with cuts, fractures, resuscitation, AED. The application is integrated with the phantom when performing compressions.
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Road accident & hitting a pedestrian

The application consists of two parts. Part I concerns proceedings during a road accident. You play the role of an accident witness, in your opinion is to save the victim from a burning vehicle. During the action, you need to secure the scene of the incident, notify the services, evacuate the victim and help him.
Part II – first aid for deduction.
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 During the training, you solve a number of sentences thanks to this, you learn how a hydrant, fire extinguisher, oil works and what to do when you notice a fire. The application works great during fire training. but also for periodic and initial training.
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Thanks to our application you will learn 4 basic methods of extinguishing: snow extinguisher, powder extinguisher, hydrant, fire blanket, how to properly carry out first aid for burns, what dressing to choose and how to apply it, and what tools will be necessary, methods of estimating the extent of burns: a self-extinguishing method “Stop, droll and roll” you will learn which groups of fires the snow extinguisher is intended for.
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VR applications available on the platform in 2020

OSH TRAINING “Accidents at work”

OSH TRAINING „Manual transport works and ergonomics”

OSH TRAINING „Forklift hazards and service”


Taking OSH training to the next level with Virtual Reality - EHS VR whitepaper