EVACUATION VR – is an innovative approach that allows you to transfer the training participant to a real fire, during which we acquire knowledge on how to behave.

An application dedicated to training on key elements during evacuation with the possibility of personalization for a given company. During the game, we earn points for correct behavior, at the same time we get acquainted with the fire safety instructions in an accessible and modern way.

The training lasts about 25 minutes. During the training, we solve tasks, make mistakes, we lose lives and gain points. In fact, we imperceptibly gain knowledge through play that has a specific training program.

Thanks to the new technology and cooperation of specialists in the field of firefighting and virtual reality, we have developed a tool with which we can simulate the conditions in a burning building.

The application was developed on the basis of the British Standard BS 5588  and presents two scenarios:

  • How to behave when you see a fire?
  • What to do when you hear a fire alarm?

The application covers:

  • Evacuation – rules of conduct when you hear a fire alarm
  • Evacuation – rules of conduct when you see a fire
  • SSP – operation principle, alarm time
  • Call points – arrangement, operation, marking
  • Phone call – fire confirmation
  • Fire extinguisher – arrangement, operation, marking of the starting principle
  • Fire groups – interpretation of fire groups
  • Hydrant – arrangement, operating principles, marking
  • Flashover – fire phenomena
  • CO – the impact of carbon monoxide concentration on the human body
  • Meeting points during evacuation

Personalization for specific building:

The application can be ordered in a standard form, but for companies that want, it is possible to personalize the application with dedicated materials from a given company

  • The view from the window – In the application it is possible to personalize the view from the window to the same, which we see every day from the company window
  • Call points | Hydrants Fire extinguishers – The application has been designed in such a way that users can familiarize themselves with the company plan of the arrangement of Call points, hydrants and fire extinguishers. After receiving your plans, we add them to our application as dedicated tasks
  • Meeting point – in one of the tasks in the application, indicate the meeting point during the evacuation. For this purpose, we make 360 ​​videos with the meeting point of your company and add to the application
  • Partial / complete evacuation – depending on the type of evacuation provided in a given building, the application can only take into account this type
  • Special requirements – where we call to inform about the threat (112, leader, supervisor, shift manager), time after which the alarm goes off, etc.

How to use the application:

  • Fire training preliminary
  • Building evacuation training
  • Familiarization with the fire safety instructions – 4 personalization points required
  • Training for external guests, companies, office or hotel. – 4 personalization points required
  • OHS training with fire training module VR
  • Practical fire training with fire training module VR

Technical requirements: Oculus Go

Evacuation VR

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