An interactive VR application showing fire extinguishing using basic firefighting equipment, such as a blanket, hydrant, powder extinguisher, snow extinguisher. Interaction with the application the viewer enters requires basic fire knowledge. on the use of hand-held fire-fighting devices. The action takes place in an old factory, where the viewer plays the role of a member of the anti-terrorist group. The group’s task is to rescue a kidnapping victim from the hands of criminals. Whether the group action is successful will depend on your choices. One thing is certain knowledge and “cold blood” will decide on a successful rescue operation.

What will you learn from the VR application:

  • With our application you will learn 4 basic methods of extinguishing: snow extinguisher, powder extinguisher, hydrant, fire blanket
  • You will know how to properly carry out first aid for burns, you will know what dressing to choose and how to apply it, and what tools will be necessary
  • methods for estimating the extent of burns: method 9 and hand method
  • self-extinguishing method called “stop, droll and roll”
  • you will find out which groups of fires the snow extinguisher is intended for

Taking OSH training to the next level with Virtual Reality - EHS VR whitepaper