First aid training you've never seen!


The beginning of the new school year is behind us. In our company, we started September really vigorously. At the start we appeared in the city, where we conducted practical training in first aid. Thanks to the commitment of our team, but also workshop participants, we were able to master all knowledge to perfection!

It is widely known that in our work we try to combine theory and practice at all costs. This allows us not only for a truly reliable course of teaching our participants, but also to remember the information presented in their time for a long time. First aid is an important aspect of everyone’s life. Her knowledge can save our lives and our loved ones. We never know in what situation we may need the first aid knowledge package. It is certain, however, that after the training conducted by our company, we will always have it with us!

During the workshops we practice how to react in life-threatening situations. How to properly notify the desired services, but also how to contribute to helping a wounded person.

Are you curious about the first aid principles in a nutshell? Read!

Before providing first aid, check whether the place of the accident is definitely safe for the injured person, rescuers, but also other witnesses.
If the accident occurred on the road, before you get close to the victim, put on the reflective vest, disposable gloves and put the warning triangle at the right distance.
Then approach the victim.
Keep away from places where there is any risk of collapse, spontaneous combustion or suspected chemical contamination.
For injuries that are caused by electric shock, turn off all power sources.
Notify the appropriate departments prepared to operate in such conditions.
If you are allergic to latex, use disposable gloves made of a different material.

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